Our students

What is it really like studying with BSY? Perhaps the best people to tell you are the ones who have done it themselves*…
We are very proud to have been independently awarded a rating of 4.7 out of 5 by over 100 of our students on the Review Centre website*. We also appreciate the feedback that our students share with us.
“Studying with BSY has changed my life, it has shown me that with determination and good tutors you can achieve anything thanks BSY.”
“I would just like to say, since enrolling with BSY, I have felt so much more confident about my future.”
“Thank you for a great course and I look forward to reporting back on my new career.”
“I have been studying with the BSY for almost 20 years. I started in 1998 and have enjoyed every moment.”
“I have now gone self-employed to do colour image analysis but also offer colour and wellbeing workshops....a whole new world has opened up to me!
I loved the course that I did and BSY were always helpful, professional and interacting with them was a pleasurable and friendly experience, I felt like a family member.”
“Very real people, BSY doesn’t feel like a faceless business at all, it felt very personal.”
“I've been made to feel important and certainly no trouble. I've spoken to my tutors…who have all encouraged me with great feedback and support.”
Very informative courses and wide variety of choices. Simply wonderful.”
“The courses I have taken have been excellent value for money.”
“I am very pleased I chose to study with BSY. They are excellent in every way and will continue to book courses with them.”
“I have been so overjoyed with my outcome and this I can truly put down to the help that we are given.”
“I have received fantastic support and feedback.”
“Thank you everyone at BSY for the wonderful learning experience and the high level of service and support you all provide.”
“I would highly recommend BSY and have already done so.”
“I am really enjoying my courses and doing them in lessons is helping me retain the information better. I have also learned lots more than I already knew. As an older student, I was worried that I would be treated differently, but this is not the case. Love it!
* Source: https://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews150291.html  Information correct as of 17.11.17